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Jack Hunter grew up near Pittsburgh, PA and put in his mandatory steel mill time before serving in the USAF.  He used the G.I. Bill to discover theatre and acting at Penn State University.



From undergraduate studies Jack went to Buffalo and earned an MA in theatre direction from the University of Buffalo.  He shuttled back and forth between Buffalo and NYC where he worked Off and Off-Off Broadway.  He also appeared on the soap Ryan’s Hope and in national commercials before settling in Buffalo to help raise a family.  In 25 years in Buffalo Jack was a theatre instructor, bar tender, music producer, cabbie and  award winning actor,

Jack’s youngest daughter, shortly after her eighteenth birthday informed him, “You don’t have to stay in Buffalo for me.  I’m grown up now, I don’t need you around.  So if you want to go to California, it’s OK.”  Not long after Jack bought a too old van and spent 40 days and 40 nights traveling and breaking down across the country on the road to Hollywood.


In his first starring role, in the short film songbird, Jack premiered at the Sundance Festival and screened numerous times after on the Sundance Channel.  Currently Jack stars as Roger Horton, the spokesman for Cracked’s Honest Ads series, which has over 100 million views.  To view the series go to Amazon Prime or search Cracked’s Honest Ads Playlist on YouTube.

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